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Lamb Builders Inc in Peoria, IL

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Lamb Builders specializes in building custom new homes in Peoria, IL. With an intense keenness for detail and exceptional craftsmanship, we are unlike any other homebuilders around. We take expert care in the design and construction of your home. Our focus is on building new homes, however, we also build custom trim, siding, decks, and casework. If you are ready to build a home, call Lamb Builders today!
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What Value Encompasses

When your level of value is higher, the less maintenance and repairs will be required on your home. These five components that Lamb Builders possesses make up the value. The more value put into a project, the longer the home will hold its worth.


Rather than looking at how much square footage you can afford, consider the quality, materials, and knowledge that comes with an experienced builder who is passionate about the work they produce.


Quality is determined by the materials that are used, the number of details, and the craftsmanship that goes into the finishing touches.


We build each home with the mindset that we are going to live in it. We are open in our communication and will always deliver a high level of service.


We follow a construction phase timeline to keep us on schedule – oftentimes finishing before the intended deadline. Delays are easily avoided when corners are not cut and the job is done right the first time.


The cost is the amount you are willing to invest in your home.
Lamb Builders Inc in Peoria, IL
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Additional Building & Renovation Services

Lamb Builders Inc in Peoria, IL

Interior and Exterior Trim

Is your home due for new interior or exterior trim? Lamb Builders can build and install new trim that will last for years to come.
Lamb Builders Inc in Peoria, IL

Cedar Structures/Work

The professionals at Lamb Builders can help you design a new high quality cedar pergola and install it to the exterior of your home or design and install a freestanding structure.
Lamb Builders Inc in Peoria, IL


In addition to building new homes, we also design and build custom decks. Call our office at 309-693-7704 to discuss your deck project with us.

Lamb Builders Inc in Peoria, IL

Custom Casework and Built-Ins

If more storage space is what your home needs, we can construct custom casework or built-in shelving in your home.

For more information on our building services please call our office at 309-693-7704, or share your information via a form and we will be in touch.

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