These are some of the most common questions we're asked by prospective homebuyers. If you have a question that's not covered here, please contact Philip Lamb directly at 309.693.7704 or

What is a "custom home?"

A "custom home" is an ideal combination of site, colors, and floor plan built specifically for you and your family. Finding the perfect setting/location to build your home can be difficult, but rewarding experience. We'll help you get the best possible result with the least possible stress.

How long will it take to build my home?

This, of course, depends on the size and design aspects of a home. Generally, once the foundation is in, a custom home takes 7 to 10 months. We can provide you with a complete timetable once you've finalized your building plans.

How much time will it take from me?

That's totally up to you-we'll let you get as involved as you like. You can select everything from door hinges to switch plate covers, or you can save yourself time and rely on us to make those choices for you.

What kind of materials do you use?

We use premium materials – only #2 Douglas fir lumber and better. Over the years, we have found that traditional, nominal lumber has exceeded the lasting quality of engineered lumber. Bottom line: better lumber lasts longer.

What makes you different as a builder?

We believe our constant "hands-on" approach from start to finish separate us from most of the builders in this area. We stay on the job and are always accessible. Our customers tell us this personal attention really sets us apart.

How do you compare builder to builder?

Look at their work. Ask for references. Go through some of their homes or remodeling projects. Look at the "little things" like trim, finishing materials and attention to detail. Quality work and materials are investments that stand up over the years-good builders' homes stand the test of time.

How essential is it to check a builder's references?

It is very important. The mark of a good builder will come from customers for whom they have built homes in the past. We stand behind our work and pride ourselves in making sure our customers are completely satisfied with every aspect of their home. Just ask them.

Do you offer a warranty?

We stand behind our work with a warranty on all homes we build. When your home is completed, we'll give you a manual that provides all warranty information with sub-contractors listed and phone numbers.